Common questions

How do I recharge my balance?

Go to the Balance Recharge page. Choose from the list the method of payment you prefer. We have payment via: Paypal, Visa, MasterCard, Transfer of Iraqi Banks Perfect Money Pioneer CashU Bitcoin Western Union.

How do I place a new order?

 Choose the required section

 Choose the type of service required

Put the link according to the instructions in the service

Write down the required number

Before completing the order review the details that you have entered

How do I place group requests?

You can use the bulk orders feature if you have large orders This feature to save time and effort

Example of correct input method

Assuming that the requested service bears the number 555

The required link is

The required number is 1000

The result of the correct link is as follows:

555 | | 1000

What do you mean partially complete?

Sometimes, we are unable to complete the full number of requests for some time,

So we refund you the remaining amount that was not delivered. Example: You bought an order of 1000 and the price was 10 dollars, let's assume that we sent 500 and the rest of 500 were not able to send it,

In this case, we will place the order partially complete and return to your balance the price of the 500 followers that have not been sent, which is $ 5

When your order becomes partially complete, please re-place the order again

What is the meaning of sending in batches?

Execution segmentation service is a service we provide so that you can submit the same order multiple times automatically.

For example: Suppose you want to get 1000 Likes on your Instagram post but you want to get 100 Likes every 30 minutes.

You will put the following - Link: Link to your post - Quantity: 100 - Number of plays: 10 (i.e. you want to run this request 10 times, if you want to get 2000 likes, you will run it 20 times, etc ...) -

Interval: 30 (because you want to have 100 likes in your post every 30 minutes, if you want every hour you would put 60 because time is in minutes) -

Note: Never order a quantity greater than the maximum written on the service name (Quantity x Operation),

Example: if the service limit is 4000, then you will not put quantity: 500 and operation: 10, because the total quantity will be 500 x 10 = 5000 which is greater than the service limit (4000)

Also, do not set the interval less than the actual start time of the service (some services need 60 minutes to start up, do not set the interval less than the start time of the service or it will cause a failure in your request).

What is the deficiency compensation system?

We provide many services with a guarantee to compensate for the deficiency, if it occurs

The deficiency is compensated if it occurs in the guaranteed services for a specific period, with the details of the required service

Provided that all followers of the account are real or all followers have been requested from our site.

Because you may ask us from us 1000 followers, and the account has thousands or hundreds of thousands of followers before, in this case we cannot provide you with a guarantee of compensation.

Some guaranteed services have the compensation button enabled

In the event that you have a deficiency, you only have to press the compensation button, and the system will automatically return the number to your account

I made a new order, but the link is invalid, and I want to cancel the order?

If the link or the account is not used or incorrect in the first place, the request will be canceled automatically

Such as requesting the Instagram service, but the link is Twitter, in this case it is canceled.

However, in the event that you change the account driver during the execution in this case, the application will be considered complete until the reuse of the driver is returned

We have systems to check the account ID to avoid any problems or disputes.

How long will it take to fulfill my order?

The implementation period varies from service to service

And it changes according to the required number

Therefore, we recommend that you always review the details of the service before ordering

Also, see the approximate time indicated in the service description

Are the followers real or fake?

We offer many services with a great variety

So we provide 100% real services.

As well as bogus services

It depends on your choice

In the service details, you will find an indication of whether the service is real or fictitious

What are Auto Like Services, Views ... etc?

Automated services are a service that allows you to obtain likes or automatic views when you download new posts to your account, as our systems detect new posts, and if found, they are sent automatically according to the details of your request. The price of anything is not deducted when you place the order, but the price of the required number is automatically deducted. Whenever you download a new post, the minimum and the upper limit, for example, if you set the minimum 100 and the upper limit 200 in this case, the system will send random numbers between 100 to 200 like, for example, 122 like and the post after 166, and so this system was found so that the numbers you have are not similar, but rather to appear As real

What is Al-Menshan service and how does it work?

Yalla Follow website offers you an automatic Instagram Motion service, which gives you the advantage of making a passionate job on any specific video or picture from your account for up to one million Instagram users. You can choose the famous person or any account you want to target their followers through the Instagram Mention service, which will give you a strong push forward and a large number of new followers depending on the quality of your account and the content you provide. The work of the facilities is completed between one and three days, depending on the quantity and the pressure of requests. The service was exposed at times to many criticisms due to its misuse by some buyers, so it is not necessary to use it to force followers to pay attention to you and follow you, you must present something special in the picture or video so that the person does not feel Mention that it has nothing to do with the content, which ends up putting a negative comment and in some cases submitting a complaint to you on Instagram, we recommend that you target an account that has the same interest as the account that you will draw attention to to get impressive results

I want to resell your services

Please contact us via tickets to give you the details

How can I change my password or account information?

Log in, click on My Account, you will see all your information and you can change what you want, but always make sure that you put a correct e-mail and you can access it

My inquiry is not here, and I need help?

Please open a ticket from your account and the technical support team will respond to you within 24 hours.